Wonderful World of Animation

Why It's Our Favorite Ride

The Wonderful World of Animation at Hollywood Studios is my favorite nighttime show in all of Disney. The projections on the facade of the Chinese Theater are absolutely breathtaking, showcasing the best of Disney animation through the years. I love how the show takes you on a journey through Disney’s history, from Snow White to Frozen and beyond. My tip would be to try and catch the show later in the evening when the crowds have died down, as it can get quite busy earlier on. And keep an eye out for hidden Mickeys in the projections!

What to Eat

Before or after watching The Wonderful World of Animation, I highly recommend grabbing a snack at Hollywood Scoops, located in the same park. They have delicious ice cream sundaes and floats that are perfect for a nighttime treat. Plus, their location near Echo Lake provides a great view of the nighttime show, making it the perfect spot to enjoy your snack while taking in the magic of Disney.