Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

Why It's Our Favorite Ride

My favorite ride in Disney has to be the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! It’s a live show that brings the adventure and action of the Indiana Jones films to life right before your eyes. The stunts are absolutely incredible and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Plus, being a huge fan of the films, it was amazing to see some of the iconic scenes recreated in front of me. My tip would be to try and catch the show earlier in the day to avoid the crowds and get a better view of the action. And keep an eye out for hidden Mickeys during the show!

What to Eat

If you’re looking for a snack to enjoy before or after the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, head over to the nearby Backlot Express. They offer a variety of quick bites and meals, but I highly recommend trying their BBQ Ribs. The tender and flavorful meat is the perfect fuel for an action-packed show like Indiana Jones. Plus, the restaurant’s industrial theming fits right in with the Hollywood Studios vibe.