Why use a deaf travel agent for Disney? I like planning myself.

Who wants to spend their money learning while on their trip? With time and effort, you could research your destination and book the trip yourself, but why would you? We can help you to decide the best places to stay, the best locations to visit, and even when to go. Planning any trips, especially a Disney trip, can be extremely time-consuming. Many people like being in control of all the planning themselves. Understandable. But using a deaf travel agent does not mean giving up control. We are your partner. We act on your behalf and create the vacation you want, not what we enjoy. We will take the time to understand you and what you are looking for in a Disney vacation– it is different for everyone. If nothing else we are there to monitor the sales to be sure you are getting the best price possible, even after you have booked. That alone is worth it.

We are available by VP and communicate in ASL. We share what WDW has to offer. It is one thing to read a blog or watch a video to learn about what it is like to be deaf at Disney. It is another to have been there, done that, and be able to pass that onto clients. We have first-hand experience at WDW multiple times and know their services by heart. With our experience, we can provide the best support and guidance to have your experience to the fullest.