Spaceship Earth

Why It's Our Favorite Ride

Spaceship Earth is definitely my favorite ride in all of Disney. It’s a slow-moving dark ride that takes you through the history of human communication, from cave paintings to the internet. The animatronics are incredibly detailed and the scenes are beautifully crafted. Plus, there’s a hidden Mickey in the Egypt scene that you don’t want to miss! I recommend riding Spaceship Earth in the evening when the wait times are shorter and the ride is even more immersive with the darkness outside.

What to Eat

After riding Spaceship Earth, head over to The Land pavilion and grab a meal at Sunshine Seasons. They have a variety of options including salads, sandwiches, and hot entrees made with fresh ingredients from the pavilion’s greenhouse. Plus, the atmosphere is bright and airy, a perfect contrast to the dark ride you just experienced.