Mad Tea Party

Why It's Our Favorite Ride

The Mad Tea Party ride is my absolute favorite ride in Disney. As soon as I step inside the spinning teacup, I feel like I’m transported into the fantastical world of Alice in Wonderland. The colors, the music, and the spinning all combine to create an experience that is both thrilling and whimsical. My tip for this ride is to try and ride it early in the morning or late at night when the wait times are lower. And keep an eye out for hidden Mickeys on the teacups!

What to Eat

After riding The Mad Tea Party, I recommend stopping by the Cheshire Cafe for a delicious snack that fits perfectly with the Alice in Wonderland theme. Try the Cheshire Cat Tail, a flaky pastry filled with chocolate chips and drizzled with pink and purple icing to resemble the mischievous cat’s stripes. It’s a sweet treat that will leave you grinning like the Cheshire Cat himself!