Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along

Why It's Our Favorite Ride

The Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along is my absolute favorite attraction at Disney. As a huge fan of the classic film, I love getting to sing along to all of the iconic songs in a fun and interactive way. The film experience is beautifully done, with stunning animation and vibrant colors that transport you right into the story. I recommend going later in the day when the crowds have died down, as the wait times can get a bit long. And keep an eye out for hidden Mickeys throughout the show!

What to Eat

After enjoying The Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along, head over to Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland for a delicious snack. I highly recommend trying the Warm Cinnamon Roll, which is a huge favorite among park-goers. The roll is freshly baked and topped with a generous amount of icing, making it the perfect sweet treat to indulge in after singing along to all of your favorite Beauty and the Beast songs. Plus, the tavern’s rustic and cozy atmosphere will make you feel like you’re in the heart of the French countryside.